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The Complete 

Meetings Notebook

The Complete Meetings Notebook is a great product for meetings to help you to manage your time and prioritize actions by focusing your attention due to the layout and format of the pages. It also helps you to become more organized and remember important meeting details.

There is plenty of space in the meetings section to write notes especially if you’re in a long meeting. The Complete Meetings Notebook is Ideal for service-based businesses working with clients, business owners, work meetings, project managers, executives, and graduates starting out.


If you’re the kind of person who spends ages in meetings taking notes and you want to remember action points… this is for you.

This formatted notebook is updated, so you can use it as required. The Complete Meetings Notebook includes the following:

  • 120 formatted pages
  • Designed pages
  • Sections include Date, attendee, meeting topic, objectives, notes, and action
  • Good quality, lightweight paper.

Treat yourself and take action on your organization, or share with your friends and family. Great gift idea for birthdays, holidays, and colleagues

– Size 7″ x 10” 120 pages

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The Collection 

90 Day Success Map Planners


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CLICK To See Inside
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90 days undated guided journal to getting things done in all areas of your life and business. In the 90 Day Success Map Planner you will uncover your key areas to focus on, pinpoint your priorities so you can take action everyday with your goal setting.

The framework I share in this book has helped me over the years, and also my clients to create new habits, learn to self coach yourself on your priorities, and when you use the planner everyday you can experience the results and growth you desire to achieve.

This guided journal is undated, so you can start planning at any point of the year. Each 90 Day Success Map Planning journal includes the following:

  • Visioning exercises
  • Work life balance assessment
  • 90 day focus planning
  • Monthly breakdownUndated daily planning pages for 90-days
  • Health habits tracker
  • Priorities tracker
  • Timed daily schedule
  • Reflection points
  • Notes and reminders
  • Size 7″ x 10” 120 pages

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